Tips For Applying For A Mortgage Loan

mortgage-rates-calculatorThe best time to buy your own property is right now, with the worldwide economic crisis, buying a property at the moment could never be a better time. Fortunes will be made, when this economic downturn, is over, you too could secure your future.

It is true that getting yourself a mortgage now is much more difficult than it was, perhaps a year or two ago, but this should not stop you trying. This article will enlight you on how to get a mortage

Banks are jacking up lending standards and creating higher hurdles for would-be borrowers to cross but at the end of the day, banks will still lend money if the situation is right.

Solid Credit Score
Before you even try to obtain a mortgage, get your credit score rating for yourself, if the score comes back low then be prepared to correct this before even taking another step. There are ways to repair your credit score, however, be careful here as there are many agencies that will rip you off. You are much better repairing your credit score yourself, and there are many good guides to self-help repair available.

Your Money
Most lenders at the moment will require you to put your money as a down payment. The amount you will be required to put in will vary between lenders, but remember this the more you can put in yourself then the less you will have to pay back. Besides this, if you have a good down payment then you will be able to leverage more lenders to offer you this mortgage.

Income Verification
mortgage-appAll applications at this present time will have to be submitted with actual income verification and any assets disclosed to the lenders. In the past verification may have been more lapse but these days it is a must, with any application made.
Shop Around: Even before this economic crisis, if you were looking to get a mortgage you should shop around, most of us look to the larger banks or lenders for the best deals.

Mortgage Broker
A mortgage broker will act on your behalf to search two hundred or more different lenders; they understand the criteria needed to obtain your mortgage. Most of the real estate loans come via Mortgage brokers. The use of mortgage brokers will certainly ease the stress for you in obtaining a mortgage, but it must be remembered that a mortgage broker is not working for you or the lender; they are quite simply working for themselves. A fee will be paid by both you and the mortgage lender to the mortgage broker.

Here’s a quick video that will walk your through the mortgage application process: